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Tax Consulting

Our main focus is on tax advising.

In this regard we are not limited to a certain branch of industryand many different professionals and trade companies nationaland international are among our clients.

current tax consulting

Among other services current tax consulting includes:

  • contemporary information about                       actual changings in tax law

  • consulting in all tax matters according to the clients specific field

  • tax compliance and planning

  • tax demand check

  • appealing against a tax assessment

  • making applications for tax or business reasons

  • correspondence with the tax office and other authorities

additional tax consulting

In additional tax consulting we find solutions especially concerning:

  • formation

  • selection and change of legal form

  • company or director succession

  • investment planning

  • human capital

  • investing in financial assets for business or private reasons

  • constructional financing

  • renting and leasing

  • retirement benefits

  • reorganisation and restructuring

  • donation

  • inheritance

income tax returns

We manage your income tax returns:

  • pension plans

  • state benefit for children

  • wage income

  • self-employment or business income

  • income from capital investments

  • income from other sources such as speculative dealings

  • income from rental and leasing

  • foreign source income

financial bookkeeping, year-end closing, company tax returns

For sole traders, professionals, partnerships and stock companies we provide the following services:

  • financial bookkeeping                     

  • financial statements on monthly, quarterly and  yearly basis

  • payroll calculation

  • social security insurance and contributions

  • monetary transactions

  • providing a detailed balance sheet as well as a profit and loss account

  • tax returns

appearing for the client

We are fighting for the rights and representing the interests of our clients:

  • in court of taxes

  • in administration court

  • during tax auditing

  • during other proceedings

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