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retirement funds

The framework for a full retirement fund at an early stage is:

  • calculation of shortfalls in retirement funds

  • building up assets continuously to cover shortfalls of retirement funds

  • private or industrial pension plans

  • secure planning made possible by providing a private balance sheet

risk management

Risk management means to evaluate, to assess and to run personal risks:

  • overview of existing risks and insurances

  • full insurance review of all risks possible (risk analysis)

  • insurance analysis and selection (risk management)

  • avoiding excess or too little coverage

liquidity planning

You will gain the following advantages from planning liquidity and analysing cash receipts and expenditures:

  • representation of the personal financial position

  • private cash receipts and expenditures can be overviewed and controlled (private income account)

  • determination of liquidity surplus for building up assets strategically

  • calculation of the spendable income for private expenditures (hobbies, vacation)

  • comparison of performance to budge

  • avoiding liquidity shortage at any time

building up assets strategically

Building up assets strategically and making them sure for the future is based on:

  • inventing strategies for asset planning

  • enjoying the benefit of different earning assets (money market investments, fixed interest securities, stocks, investment funds, real estates, private equity and others)

  • diversifying investment of capital considering risk and return on investment

  • individually shaped net assets structure (asset allocation)

  • transparency and valuation of total and single asset

  • a private balance sheet showing the net assets structure

  • building up assets by a long-term planning and taking into consideration personal requirements

  • estate planning

STr. Verm & Liquidität
Finanz- und Vermögensplanung
financial planning

Financial and asset planning helps to support private investments. Based on independent advice assets will be planned, built up und made sure for the future. Through strategic planning of private investments, personal aims and desires, either in the short or long terms, will be coordinated with individual financial possibilities. Assets will be analysed, valued, optimised and administered.

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